Clean Water Wells

To date, we have 45 Clean Water Wells sponsored in two countries- Cambodia and Myanmar. Our wells in Cambodia cost about $300, and are hand-dug by the local villagers. ITWM provides the cement to make the in-ground, oval rings and above-ground base and cover. The villagers then provide all the labor in digging a 30-foot deep, 6 to 8-foot in circumference hole, as well as all the cement work to construct the well, which is under the supervision of one of our “Igniters”. This way the villagers “take ownership” of the well, and will provide good maintenance of it. This is a simple rope/bucket well that the villagers will use for their drinking water, bathing, and to wash their dishes with. The clean water has greatly reduced the amount of illness associated with poor, diseased water that they would normally drink. The people are very happy and are grateful for the Christians who care for their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. In one village where we built the first well in 2010, and now have four wells, the Christian population has grown from 2 believers to 30. They also receive regular medical and dental care, and church services each week by one of the local pastors(igniters). So as we pour the “cold cup of water” in Jesus’ Name, we also provide the “Living Water” that they hear and receive through the preaching of the Gospel.

Our latest Clean Water Project is in the Western Highlands of Myanmar near the Indian border. This is a village in a remote area that had only one well for 1000 villagers. Families from each section of the village could only get water once a week from the well, primarily just for drinking. We became aware of this village through Pastor Khai of the city of Kalaymyo who we ministered with in our March 2011 Outreach. Pastor Khai and the Zosiam Medical Ministry have been conducting medical clinics and Gospel services in the village for some time. In 2011, his ministry team treated 1800 sick people, and saw 300 come to Christ. Since Pastor Khai is one of our “Igniters”, we felt that this village was the right place for additional wells where donors could contribute. The cost of these wells are only $250 as the Myanmar ministry has access to the drilling equipment and the villagers provide all the labor.  ITWM then provides just the hand-pump and related hardware that goes with it.

Check out some of these active wells.

One of these wells can provide clean water for 100 people. So with the help from some generous donors, ITWM is in the process of building additional wells that will allow the villagers to get water daily instead of once a week. When the villagers heard that they were going to receive some more wells, they were very happy and acknowledged that they were gifts from “One True God.” The wells, along with medical help, and at times bags of rice, have opened the hearts of the Burmese people to receive the Gospel when preached and shared by Pastor Khai’s ministry team. ITWM is blessed to partner with these igniters who embrace our vision and missionary outreach to the unreached.
Ignite the World Ministries.

For just $250 in Myanmar, and $300 in Cambodia, a clean water well can greatly reduce Cholera and other water diseases.

Solar Water Bags

We can now provide clean water to our traveling Igniters and and poor families in Asia through the amazing Solar Bag. Thanks to our friends Puralytics, a Beaverton, Oregon-based company, we can now distribute these bags to our Igniters who travel, many times on foot, village to village, as they minister to their fellow, unreached countrymen.  They can also instruct the villagers how to use the bag, greatly reducing Cholera and many other water diseases. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill the back with stream or even land water.
  2. Set bag in sun for 3 hours to allow the internal water purifier destroy harmful microbes and chemicals.
  3. Drink or store clean water.

The sunlight activated bag can be used over and over again, up to 500 times!

$40 can provide an Igniter with clean water to drink has he travels village to village preaching the Gospel.  It can also provide clean water each day for an entire village family.