Central Asian Outreach (April 17-30, 2019)

Please join us in prayer and financial support as we take the Gospel to Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.  We we be conducting a Leader’s Summit on Accelerated Evangelism, Igniting Training Conferences, Street Evangelism, Healing and Revival Meetings, and Village outreaches to the poor, elderly and orphans.  Pray for God’s great outpouring of His Spirit and miracles.  Joel 2:28-32.  Thank you and God bless you!


First Ever Skype Training Conference in Pakistan!

ITWM conducted its first ever Skype Cast Igniter Training Conference in Pakistan on February 23, 2018 with nearly 100 pastors, evangelists and ministry workers in attendance.  This will be the first of many Skype trainings that will be conducted throughout every region of Pakistan, with Igniters being sent out to reach thousands of unreached people with the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ!


ITWM Laos 2017

Vientiane, the capital of Laos.  A beautiful city on the famous Mekong River.  Laos as a country, has only 7 million people, much smaller than Vietnam with nearly 100 million.  And like Vietnam, it too is a Communist country with restrictions on church expansion.  However the hearts of the people are hungry when they hear the hope of the Gospel.  We were fortunate to meet with the Christian leadership of the country in Vientiane and  received the “right-hand of fellowship” to partner with them in order to reach their unreached countrymen for Christ.  The next day we held an ITC with 20 leaders who received the training with much optimism and joy.  Many wanted to extend their evangelistic efforts to the North, Central and South regions of the country.  The training manual in Laotian, solar audio Bibles, SD Cards for Cell Phones, and Evangel Pens were distributed.  A request was also made for the Jesus Film Backpack.  We will continue to work with the leadership to help them advance the Gospel to their Dry Zones of Laos!

ITWM Vietnam 2017

What a great day to enter Vietnam, Easter Sunday, a time to share the powerful resurrection message of Jesus!  Pastor Jerry Heyne preached, prayed for many believers and ignited the hearts of many in this downtown Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) church.  There is more freedom these days for the Vietnamese people to become Christians and go to church, although most churches are small, house churches as it is illegal to construct churches in this Communist country.  But the numbers are growing throughout the country.  PTL!  The next day we held an all-day Igniter Training Conference(ITC) for about 50 pastors and evangelists from the countryside.  We paid their bus fare to travel to the city to receive encouragement, evangelism training and equip them with “evangel tools” like solar audio Bibles.  We also provided them with the Igniter Training Manual in their own language so they could continue to use it as they advance their evangelist efforts throughout Southern and Central Vietnam.  They were truly ignited with several young people wanted to commit their lives to the ministry.  With sound leadership in place, the Igniters will continue in training and also begin to find and disciple their own Timothy Evangelists.  They also received the Jesus Film video projection system(Movie Theatre in a Backpack) so they can take the story and Good News of Jesus village to village.

A Report from Pastor B. in Bangladesh!

Greetings in Jesus name. I hope you are doing god by the God grace. As you know i went to Dinajpur area northern part of Bangladesh for Ignite the Pastors and evangelist and youth group. It was really blessing time with the pastors and youth group. 15 Pastors  and 190 youth attend the seminar our expectation was 120 participant but finally we got 205, even though we got pressure for budget.


I tried to ignite the the pastors youth people to work for evangelism. Pastor are gave the commitment to ignite each others.

All pastors they brought their youth leaders and youth, it was short time notice but fruitful of my first journey. Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support for my first ignite journey.

Please keep us in your prayer.

Pastor B  .


We met an amazing Christian man that went underground in 1971 to fight for
independence for his country as the invading Pakistani Army tried to force control
of their ownership. You see, Bangladesh use to be called “East Pakistan” and
didn’t want to give that land up. It was a blood bath struggle for the Bangladesh
people with over 3 million perishing. No one was spared- men, women and
children. God used this Christian man during that time to help save many families
from death. God also performed amazing miracles of protection on his life as
well, things that you can only imagine in a movie. As mentioned in the cover story, 
bullets from machine guns shot right at him and never hit him. Sounds like God’s
angels at work. Now he is above the ground for Jesus and continues to fight for
freedom for all those in bondage of sin. What a mighty evangelist he is in his old
age! Well done super Igniter! 

Update from Bangladesh!

Check out this quick video update from our current igniter trip to Bangladesh! 

Mike prays with some on-fire Igniters from all over Bangladesh. 

Mike prays with some on-fire Igniters from all over Bangladesh. 

Worshipping at the Igniter training in Dhaka! 

Worshipping at the Igniter training in Dhaka! 

Join us in praying and believing with the Igniters in Bangladesh where Christianity makes up for less than 1% of the population.  

Amazing time with an incredible group of Igniters in Chittagong Bangladesh! 

Amazing time with an incredible group of Igniters in Chittagong Bangladesh! 

Have you heard about the “Evangel-Pen”?

One of the “evangel-tools” we give out to pastors and Igniters is the “Evangel-Pen”.  The remarkable tool is an actual pen but inside is a scroll that you pull out that tells the “four spiritual laws” for salvation.  Here the pastor can visually share with a non-believer the steps to salvation and then lead them in prayer to receive Christ.  First of all they have the attention of the person as they are amazed that such a scroll comes out of the pen.  Then the power of the Gospel story will move their heart into repentance of their sins, belief that Jesus is the bridge to the Father and eternal life, and then receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior by personal invitation.  After they have done that, then the pastor can go back and use the pen as a pen to jot down the person’s contact information for follow up discipleship.  What a great, simple and inexpensive tool to share the Gospel with.  And it can all be down with pictures!  We praise the Lord that He has blessed us with such powerful and wonderful tools!