Solar Audio Bibles

The Solar Audio Bibles have been taken to 15 Asian countries and regions. Over 500 of these units have been given out to several villages and to our “Igniters”(local pastors and evangelists) to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With many villagers unable to read or see, these powerful little Gospel Players provide hope and faith to many who normally wouldn’t be able to receive the Good News. Daily, villagers gather to hear the Gospel in their own language. Each solar unit contains:

  • God’s Story (a story narrative of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation)
  • The Jesus Film on audio
  • A copy of the New Testament

With these three different tracts, a listener can be introduced to the “One True God” and His Holy Word for the first time, receive Christ by saying the “Sinner’s Prayer” by way of the Jesus Film-Audio Track, and begin to grow in Christ and be discipled by listening to the New Testament in their native language.

We have received many wonderful testimonies of people hearing the Word in this simple, but powerful way. For a very small cost, a whole village can come to hear the Gospel, receive salvation, and be discipled in the Scriptures.

With no electricity, batteries or generator fuel needed 200-300 people at a time can be “ignited” by video through the Solar Video Projection System or the "Movie Theatre in a Backpack". This portable 25 lb., solar multi-media system can be carried by backpack by our Igniters, village to village and present the Gospel via “The Jesus Film”. Most of the world’s non-readers are oral and visual learners.

Imagine millions of unreached people hearing the Gospel in their own dialects through their cell phones. ITWM has been able to produce an SD card containing “The Jesus Film” in audio that fits almost any third world cell phone. Additionally we download any audio sermon message, worship music or testament of the Bible directly onto the card. Now our igniters can distribute these gospel “chips” to just about anyone anywhere, in the city or rural areas. Its a safe and easy way to get the Gospel out in heavily persecuted countries.

$3 can provide a SD “Gospel” Card to a cell phone in Communist Vietnam and Laos.

Evangel Pens


This is called our "Eternity is Forever" pen. It is great for one-on-one presentations of the Gospel. Here an Igniter can meet a non-believer for coffee or tea at a neighborhood café and show the salvation message by pulling out a scroll with Gospel pictures on it, which are contained within the pen. Then the Igniter can point to the different parts of the salvation message and tell the person about Christ. The Igniter can use the pen to write down contact information of this new believer and follow up with him or her and get them plugged into a bible-teaching church. A simple, but powerful evangel-tool!

$3 can provide an Igniter with a simple, yet powerful tool to share the Gospel one on one.

Wildlife Storytellers

Bring comfort and hope to children in SE Asia who suffer from the loss of parents, homelessness, trafficking, disease, and poverty. For $30 dollars you can provide a child with a cuddly stuffed animal that internally equipped with a Solar Audio Bible. When placed in the sun during the day, it will provide a child with up 3 hours of Bible story listening time in the evenings.

$30 can provide an orphan child in India with a “comforting” stuffed animal with a children’s solar audio Bible attached to it.