Carrying the Torch to the Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan and India!

Well, here we go again to "ignite the world" in Asia.  This will be our 11th Missionary Journey since our inception in 2009.  Our first stop will be the Philippines where we will be ministering to the homeless families living in the Cebu City Cemetery.  Next to the remote villagers in the mountains of Mindanao.  Here we will be showing for the first time the Jesus Film in the Tagalog language.  Since their is no electricity available, the entire film will be powered by solar panels.  Pray that many will come to know the hope that is in Jesus.

From there, off to the Himalayan Mountains of Western Nepal.  Here we will be training over 100 pastors and evangelists in evangelism and missionary church planting.  We will be giving out solar audio Bibles so they can bring the Gospel to remote villagers who are non-readers.

Next stop to the isolated country of Bhutan.  Just in the last few years, Christians were forbidden to worship.  House churches were hidden and secretive.  But now there is a bit more openness were believers can worship freely in their homes.  This will be a scouting mission for us as we meet with Christian leaders to see how we can assist them to spread the Gospel throughout their country.

Last stop is Calcutta (or Kolkata), India.  Here we will present an all-day Igniter Training Conference to 60 pastors and ministry leaders who want to reach their countrymen for Christ in a greater way using some of our "evangel-tools".

Please pray for us from April 17 to May 3rd.  Also if you can support us bu going to our "GIVE" page on the website.

I plan to blog along the way of this journey so stay tuned for some awesome and miraculous stories.  Blessings!  Mike Maksimowicz, Executive Director of ITWM.