Have you heard about the “Evangel-Pen”?

One of the “evangel-tools” we give out to pastors and Igniters is the “Evangel-Pen”.  The remarkable tool is an actual pen but inside is a scroll that you pull out that tells the “four spiritual laws” for salvation.  Here the pastor can visually share with a non-believer the steps to salvation and then lead them in prayer to receive Christ.  First of all they have the attention of the person as they are amazed that such a scroll comes out of the pen.  Then the power of the Gospel story will move their heart into repentance of their sins, belief that Jesus is the bridge to the Father and eternal life, and then receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior by personal invitation.  After they have done that, then the pastor can go back and use the pen as a pen to jot down the person’s contact information for follow up discipleship.  What a great, simple and inexpensive tool to share the Gospel with.  And it can all be down with pictures!  We praise the Lord that He has blessed us with such powerful and wonderful tools!