ITWM Vietnam 2017

What a great day to enter Vietnam, Easter Sunday, a time to share the powerful resurrection message of Jesus!  Pastor Jerry Heyne preached, prayed for many believers and ignited the hearts of many in this downtown Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) church.  There is more freedom these days for the Vietnamese people to become Christians and go to church, although most churches are small, house churches as it is illegal to construct churches in this Communist country.  But the numbers are growing throughout the country.  PTL!  The next day we held an all-day Igniter Training Conference(ITC) for about 50 pastors and evangelists from the countryside.  We paid their bus fare to travel to the city to receive encouragement, evangelism training and equip them with “evangel tools” like solar audio Bibles.  We also provided them with the Igniter Training Manual in their own language so they could continue to use it as they advance their evangelist efforts throughout Southern and Central Vietnam.  They were truly ignited with several young people wanted to commit their lives to the ministry.  With sound leadership in place, the Igniters will continue in training and also begin to find and disciple their own Timothy Evangelists.  They also received the Jesus Film video projection system(Movie Theatre in a Backpack) so they can take the story and Good News of Jesus village to village.