ITWM Laos 2017

Vientiane, the capital of Laos.  A beautiful city on the famous Mekong River.  Laos as a country, has only 7 million people, much smaller than Vietnam with nearly 100 million.  And like Vietnam, it too is a Communist country with restrictions on church expansion.  However the hearts of the people are hungry when they hear the hope of the Gospel.  We were fortunate to meet with the Christian leadership of the country in Vientiane and  received the “right-hand of fellowship” to partner with them in order to reach their unreached countrymen for Christ.  The next day we held an ITC with 20 leaders who received the training with much optimism and joy.  Many wanted to extend their evangelistic efforts to the North, Central and South regions of the country.  The training manual in Laotian, solar audio Bibles, SD Cards for Cell Phones, and Evangel Pens were distributed.  A request was also made for the Jesus Film Backpack.  We will continue to work with the leadership to help them advance the Gospel to their Dry Zones of Laos!